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Curry Life Media Group

The UK-based Curry Life Media Group (CLMG) produces food, travel and leisure magazines, bringing together a targeted audience involved in the restaurant, hotel, catering, food & beverage, service and hospitality sectors.

The CLMG regularly organises exhibitions, trade fares, food festivals, awards ceremony that brings together a highly focused audience, who are involved in the restaurant trades, hotels, catering, food & beverage, services and hospitality sector.

CLMG events are held in association with local strategic and delivery partners in different countries across the world. For the past three decades, CLMG have organized trade fairs, food festivals, networking events, exhibitions, competitions and our set-piece awards ceremonies across the world including the UK, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Curry Life Magazine

The Curry Life Magazine is a produced bi-monthly and directly mailed out to over 15,000 restaurants and takeaways across our distribution network. The Curry Life Magazine was founded 2003 and now has become the most authoritative voice of the Curry Industry, otherwise known as Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese and Sri Lankan restaurants, otherwise known as Curry Houses in this country.

World Food Life

The World Food Life magazine was originally launched as a B2B trade magazine for Eastern, Oriental and Middle Eastern restaurants. However, since November 2020 this has been converted to the World Food Life Magazine. It is currently directly mailed out to 10,000 top high-end restaurants covering popular World Cuisine.

Curry Chef Magazine

CLMG has launched a new publication dedicated to curry chefs in July 2020. The Curry Chef Magazine also focuses on the latest trends of Bengali cuisine in Bangladesh and West Bengal. The Curry Chef Magazine is currently sent to six thousands Bangladeshi restaurants by post in the UK. Also distributed selective premier hotels and restaurants in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The total mailing and distribution of Curry Chef Magazine stand at 10,000.

Travel Life Magazine

Travel Life Magazine is Britain’s latest travel magazine, created with passion and designed to engage, inspire and motivate our readers to discover the inspirational travel features to culture and lifestyle and leisure topics. Each issue highlights the very best of the UK & Europe, Middle East and Asia. We distribute selective Business to Business in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. Our circulation stands at 10,000.


Curry Life Awards

This annual awards ceremony and gala dinner attracts the whole of the UK curry industry together to celebrate the many successes of the industry. This has been established since 2009 and since then has become the most celebrated annual event for the Curry Industry.

World Curry Expo

This expo brings together hospitality, catering, foods and beverage industries into a grand trade show where all things curry is put on display. As with other expos, this provides an opportunity for buyers to meet sellers and trade experts. This expo is recommended for companies, which are looking to launch and gain access to the huge UK curry industry with their products and services.

Culinary Workshop

There is a growing demand for learning new techniques and sharing innovative ideas in a very competitive business environment. The CLMG creates this opportunity every year for selective guests from Curry Houses and leading hospitality industry experts to come together to share innovative ideas and skills to help to shape business better and potentially increase sales.

British Curry Festival

The British Curry Festival is a vital part of Curry Life Magazine’s strategy to promote presentational, artistic and culinary skills of British Asian chefs and highlight their leading role for making Curry the popular cuisine of choice in the UK and beyond.

The unique concept of the festival was founded in 2002 to promote British curry as a brand with the help of talented curry chefs, leading hotels, British High Commissions and sponsors. The simple idea behind this festival has lasted the test of time: to showcase the best of British food and promote the best talented chefs.

Across the world, we have worked with many of the global leading hotels groups, including Sheraton, Radisson, Hyatt, Hilton, ITC Hotel Group and many more.


Based in the East End of London, the Curry Life is produced by a group of highly motivated and skilled journalists who has strong link with the community. It is published in full colour in a visually attractive format, printed with the state of the art technology

  • Syed Nahas Pasha

    Editor in Chief

  • Syed Belal Ahmed


  • Steve Watkins


  • Lee Lixenberg


  • Sam Smith


  • Shamsul Islam


  • Mahbub Rahman


  • Daniel Pasha


  • Samuel Ahmed


  • Tarin Pasha


  • Amjad Suleman


  • Habibur Rahman

    Media Sales

  • Emdadul Hoque Tipu

    Commercial Advisor

  • Taslima Akhter

    General Manager

  • Chef Dominic Chapman

    Consultant Advisors

  • Chef Rupert Rowley

    Consultant Advisors

  • Chef Mark Poynton

    Consultant Advisors

  • Chef Abul Monsur

    Consultant Advisors

  • Chef Utpal Mondal

    Consultant Advisors

  • Mo Gherras

    Consultant Advisors

  • Syed Jaglul Pasha

    Bangladesh Bureau Chief

  • Syed Utba

    USA Bureau Chief

  • Kois Miah


  • Molay Chandan Saha

    Graphic Designer

  • S C H Jennings MA FCA


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