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Indian takeaways second on popularity chart in Britain

Indian takeaways second on popularity chart in Britain

In a recent Channel 5 documentary on Britain’s favourite takeaway options, Chinese food was crowned the country’s favourite cuisine, followed by Indian food especially the curry, while fish and chips ranked third. Shockingly, the much-in-demand pizza bagged the fourth spot while the American-inspired burgers came fifth.

Earlier in March, Channel 5 created a stir when it revealed Britain’s Favourite Crisps announcing the top three — Walkers, Pringles and Doritos. Viewers were divided over the results, with many saying Monster Munch should have ranked higher than 11th place.

Following the same principle as the previous documentary, the show ‘Britain’s Favourite Takeaway’ ranked 20 of the country’s most beloved dishes.

Researching on the origins of the top favourites, the documentary revealed that the first ever Chinese restaurant in the UK opened its doors in 1908, and immigration from Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s made the food even more popular.

It also revealed that one of the most ordered Indian dishes is Tikka Masala, which can be traced back to both India and Bangladesh, though its origin is disputed to this day.

The UK’s beloved fish and chips came third, which might surprise some, as they have been a British staple for the past 150 years.  According to the documentary, the iconic dish was deemed so important to moral during the Second World War that they were never rationed.

Coming in at fourth was pizza, which originated from Naples where it was popularised as an affordable and quick dinner option.

Meanwhile burgers came in fifth position, with the most popular options seen to be McDonald’s and Burger King. McDonald’s came to the UK in 1974 and now serves a staggering 3.5 million people all over the country.

Full list of UK’s Top 20 takeaways

1.         Chinese

2.         Indian

3.         Fish and Chips

4.         Pizza

5.         Burger

6.         Chicken

7.         Kebab

8.         Sandwiches

9.         Thai

10.       Sausages

11.       Bagels

12.       Cheese chips

13.       Baked Potato

14.       Mexican

15.       Caribbean

16.       Sushi

17.       Pie

18.       Greek Food

19.       Tapas

20.       Parmo

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