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New magazine to help curry chefs thrive

Curry Life Media group is to launch its own Bengali publication highlighting all of the industry opportunities available for caterers and chefs. The new Bi-Monthly publication Curry Chef will cover burning issues of the day – handpicking breaking news from around the culinary world – including features, recipes, quiz, competitions, product news and career opportunities aimed exclusively at curry chefs. It will also focus on good practice from the industry and help break barriers for curry cooks to reach their full potential.

Curry chef will publication of the pioneering Curry Life Magazine, founded in 2003, and widely regarded as the most influential voice of the curry industry in Britain.

Curry Chef will get full backing from the professional team of journalists and feature writers at Curry Life Media Group, while enabling Curry Life Chef Club (CLCC) members to express and promote their own independent agenda.

As demand for curry chefs has grown significantly in Britain, more and more people are taking up the membership of the CLCC – mainly to enhance and develop their culinary skills by exchanging new ideas with their peers.

Editor and CEO of Curry Life Media Group, Syed Belal Ahmed, says: “We have seen a big surge in membership interest since last year – when our Culinary Workshop and Networking Dinner ended up being oversubscribed.

“The Culinary Workshop, organised by Curry Life, is where CLCC members and restaurateurs congregate annually, together with experts from the hospitality industry, to share innovative ideas, latest trends, hints and tips.

“Every year we have noticed CLCC members take guidance, recommendations and feedback from the workshop – so that they can make improvements and try to bring about positive changes to their restaurants,” says Ahmed.

Syed Nahas Pasha, Editor in Chief and Chairman of Curry Life Media Group, also expressed his delight in backing this niche publication in Bengali – adding: “Curry Chef will complement the work that Curry Life has been doing for almost two decades, but will focus on chefs only.

“Targeting otherwise ‘off the radar’ Curry Chefs – and finding those willing to learn – will help to solve skills shortages within the Industry, without having to rely on overseas staff, as the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. The impact on our Curry Industry will be far greater than expected.

“We need to make sure no one falls through the net as a result of this pandemic, especially Curry Chefs who are the backbone of our industry. We need to provide the right support to help chefs develop their skills so that can meet the challenge of post Covid –19 world of business.”

President of the Curry Life Chefs Club, Chef Abul Monsur, says: “Our members really wanted to launch a newsletter in Bengali – so that they could keep on top of all the latest industry information and any available scope for professional development.”

He adds: “It’s great news that Curry Chef is coming out. Hopefully it will cover every aspect of a chef’s life – including positive profile pieces, training, career development opportunities and – most of all – sharing best practice throughout our industry.”


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